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Ready to start your IBE journey?
Why IBE?

Invisible Bead Extensions® are different than any other hand-tied hair extension method on the market! I.B.E.® is the only seamless hand-tied method that creates no tension on the hair, has no exposed beads, and does not irritate the scalp in any way.

It gives you the ability to wear your hair up on day of install without any discomfort or damage to the hair.  They are undetectable whether your hair is up or down. When you have I.B.E.®, the maintenance is every 8-12 weeks. Your initial maintenance should be 8 weeks after install and from there, we will reassess whether you should go longer than 8 weeks from there on out or not. With I.B.E.®, the hair is reusable up to a year, sometimes longer with proper care and love. 
Only top quality hand-tied hair extensions lines are used on Invisible Bead Extensions® applications!


Frequently Asked Questions

Dont worry girl, Iv'e got all your quetions covered!
How often do I get them moved up?

We recommend your first move up at 7 weeks. At that time, your stylist will evaluate your grow out and determine if you can go longer in between appointments. On average, most women get their rows reinstalled between 8-10 weeks.

How long does your hair have to be to get extensions?

As long as your hair is past your occipital bone (the round of the head) you are able to get the hair of your dreams!

Can I wash and stlye my extensions the same as my normal hair?

Yes! As I tell all of my clients, I personally use two fingers and wash inbetween the wefts. When it comes to styling, make sure you use a good heat protectant and sulfate free products. 

What products do you recommend for hair extensions?

Always use a salon professional sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. My recommendation is Goldie Locks hair care and supplements. Extensions tend to be drier than our natural hair, so using nourishing oils + serums or a moisturizing mask are great ways to add moisture back into your extensions.

Will the extensions damage my hair?

The IBE method was created with the mindset of making sure the health of the scalp and the hair is 100%. Our method prevents damage to the client's scalp and hair from tension and over direction. With the perfect mesured bead placement, it eliminated any discomfort, pulling, or breaking to the scalp or hair. 

Can you color the extension?

Yes! They can be altered slightly with color. We can root them, tone them, and lowlight them. However, lightening them is not recommended. If you want to change up your own hair color, we can simply add in a few wefts of new hair to mix the old with the new if it is a subtle change. Although, if you are wanting a big change, we will need to get new hair.

Can you swim with IBE extensions?

It is not recommended to swim with extensions. Risks include matting and discoloration. Blonde extensions will turn peach or orange and it is rarely reversible. If you choose to swim, prep your hair by wetting it with clean water and applying alot of conditioner. Know that you are swimming at your own risk and I cannot guarentee the color or quality of the hair if you swim. This applies to pools, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. Pull your hair up and try to avoid the water as much as possible. Immediately after swimming, rinse extremley well, shampoo, and use a deep conditioner

How long does the hair last?

Quality hand-tied hair will last on average 6-12 months. With proper styling care and the proper use of professional hair products, you can easily get one year out of your hair. The hair we have in our IBE® online store is the highest quality hair on the market and we can only vouch for that. There are many types of hair on the market with different origins, so make sure you’ve researched the company if you look outside our store.

Am I a good candidate for IBE?

The ideal client is someone who has medium for fine hair that is at or below their shoulders without any short layers or strong blunt edges. However, you can still get these done if your have thick hair but desire length, if you have length but desire fullness, or if you want to add in color without affecting your natural hair.

Home Care

  • When washing, ONLY use sulfate free shampoos! We recommend Goldie Locks for all of our extension gals!

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or detangeling product before brushing your freshly washed hair

  • Use hair oil through the lengths of your extensions

  • Brush hair throughout the day

  • Never go to bed with wet hair!

  • Sleep with a low bun or loose braid before bed using a scrunchie

  • Always use a heat protectant before using any hot tool

  • Use a mineral based sunscreen on your skin in the summer to prevent any discoloring


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